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'ello? I suppose this means I've missed your call. No if you aren't a total wanker I might call you back.

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Alice Hamilton - Girlfriend
King Kazma - Boss
Ritsu Namine - Boss
Mitch Edwards - Co-Worker
Mad March - Brother/Enemy
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Name: Kate

LJ: [personal profile] mellonemrys

Email Address: khummer@teleport.com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- AIM and YIM: mellonemrys

Character; Series: Camellio Theophilus Hatter; Sy-Fy's 'alice'

Character Journal: hatters_fist

Character Type: Main

Digimon Partner: Pokomon -> Renamon -> Sliver Kyuubimon -> Sliver Taomon

D-Comm Colours/Symbol: Purple top hat on a green background.

Imported from Another RP?: Nope

Character Appearance: Photobucket

Character Age: 28

Character History: Born into a family of tea-loving hat wearers, Hatter was at home in taking over the family business. However as a young boy he was prone to trouble making, his wicked right hook not helping that fact. He soon found a place as a double agent working for the Queen of Hearts on one side and the Resistance on the other, using his family's tea shop not only to gather information, but as an alternate source of income (neither party ever seemed to be able to afford very much the means of payment for services rendered).

While acting as a spy, Hatter met the Queen's personal assassin, Mad March. He befriended the mad-man in the interest of keeping his head and inadvertently caused Mad March to lose his. But it was water under the bridge to Hatter, he went on smuggling food and aid to the Resistance, while supplying the masses with their precious 'tea' at the expense of the Oysters.

After a few years of playing both sides a peculiar Oyster named Alice was brought to him with a bit of a problem. Her boyfriend Jack had been taken by the White Rabbit organization and being the revolutionary gentleman that he was, Hatter agreed to help her. Help her with her crazy plan to see the Queen, no, but help her, yes. She was an awfully pretty girl for being soaking wet at the time. So, he took her to Dodo, which turned out to be a mistake for the most part. But it did gain them a little tid-bit of information, Alice had somehow gotten her hands on the Stone of Wonderland. After the mishap with Dodo, they narrowly escape the suits and a strange man with a rabbit cookie jar for a head that Hatter finds somehow familiar. They find themselves in a forest and meet up with a knight named Charlie who's lost most of his marbles.

Charlie, who is pretty much harmless, lets them stay with him in the ruins of the Knight Kingdom for a night. Alice however wanders off and gets herself captured by the Queen's men. Hatter concocts a plan to rescue her, which goes off well, more or less, and they are again on the run from the Queen. During her containment, Alice had been tortured by Dee and Dum. As well as confronted with the information that her boyfriend Jack was Jack Heart, the Queen of Hearts' son, and that he was already engaged.

Once they are safe again, Hatter convinces Alice to let him contact Caterpillar, the leader of the Resistance. Jack (who had been working for the Resistance behind his mother's back, and who Hatter wouldn't trust with tea cup let alone their lives) shows up and leads them to Caterpillar in the Hospital of Dreams, a place where the citizens of Wonderland go if they overdose on the emotions of Oysters. The Caterpillar takes Alice outside alone and produces the Carpenter who turns out to be Alice's father. However he doesn't remember her soon Mad March and a troop of Aces show up and capture Alice again. Hatter and Charlie had followed her, and upon seeing her captured, Hatter quickly puts together a rescue plan. They storm the group on horses, but Charlie runs off at the last minute and Hatter is captured as well.

Hatter is given to Dee and Dum in the hopes that they can extract information about the Resistance from him. He however resists their attempts and when Mad March shows up to finish him off, Hatter manages to fight the mad-man off with the chair he is tied to, then shatter the cookie jar that contains his electronic brain. Hatter once again comes to Alice's rescue in the Casino and aids her when she frees the Oysters and confronts the Queen. Once the Stone of Wonderland is out of the Queen's hands again, Alice plans to go back to her world. Hatter appears at the last moment, after Alice has turned down Jack's proposal for the second time, but has a hard time telling her he has feelings for her.

Once she leaves Hatter begins to realize the mistake he made in letting her go alone, and goes to Jack for assistance. Jack agrees to let him use the Looking Glass to travel to Alice's world, but warns him that he may not be able to return. Hatter, not really having anything to tie him down in Wonderland, readily goes through the Looking Glass and ends up in a building that is falling apart. He runs into a construction worker who confronts him and asks him a few too many questions for his liking. So Hatter kindly gives the man a nice nap, courtesy of his fist, and takes the man's clothes and ID. He finds Alice not too far away, knocked out and calls for help.

After riding along to the hospital with her, Hatter runs into Alice's mother, who thanks him for finding and helping her daughter. He manages to get their address, and when Alice is released from the hospital, shows up, still using the construction worker's name, David. Hatter soon moves in with them, and begins the task of finding a job, which he finds quite easy when he meets an old Chinese woman with a tea shop in China Town. Hatter has a few difficulties fitting in at first, but soon beings to understand the world Alice lives in without too many problems.

Character Personality: Hatter is a bit self centered, a bit angry, and a bit mad, however this has kept him alive while helping the Resistance. He has a sense for danger, and isn't one to walk into it without a plan of some kind. However he is also an opportunist (he has to eat after all), and even though he is kind hearted deep down, he'd much rather keep his head on his shoulders where it belongs.

When he is not in a life threatening position, Hatter can be somewhat eccentric. This is apparent in his clothing choices and his mannerisms.

Before meeting Alice and going on their little adventure, he had very few people he'd actually trust. And no friends to speak of. Instead he surrounded himself with business acquaintances, informants, revolutionaries, and any other bottom feeders that might cross his path and seem useful.

Overall he likes to know his options, and preferably be in control of his own destiny. He can be sweet and cuddly and loving, as well as vengeful and blood thirsty. Though he normally hovers somewhere in between and let's his smart ass mouth do all the talking, while his brain figures out a good escape plan.

Digimon Personality: Renamon, better known in most circles as 'Minimon', is a failed evil genius. It doesn't help that he's about 12 inches tall, and has the least intimidating squeaky voice you've ever heard. He has a bad habit of ratting off his 'evil plans' out loud, in front of the ones he's trying to ensnare. His attacks are weakened by his small stature, which he still has yet to realize. And his 'oh so evil plans' are most often, not very evil, and very convoluted.

It is quite possible that he has more than a few screws loose somewhere and is much more a joke than a threat. Though he has tried some evil deeds on some of the other villains, but they've all failed and ended with him being put in a large mason jar or a convenient rubbish bin.

Minimon is fairly convinced that he is a good villain, and that no one will give him a chance because they don't like him. In fact its not that they don't like him, its that they find him rather annoying and don't want to deal with his hopeless attempts at evil.

When he is paired with Hatter, he quickly decides that having a partner weights him down and attempts to kill Hatter. Which of course, fails. However he is a persistent little devil, and will not give up until Hatter is good and dead. It might take a few dozen years with his luck...

Character Abilities: He has some knowledge of firearms and sword fighting. But his main weapon is his powerful right punch. Overall though, he isn't the best hand to hand fighter, and would prefer to avoid conflicts. He can talk and charm his way through most obstacles, IE he can manipulate others, especially women, fairly well. Until they catch on to his game, which is when he runs into problems.

Sample RP:

In the fairly short time that Hatter had spent living in Alice's world as David Hatter, he'd discovered a few things he wasn't too fond of. One being the biker gang which liked to hang out on the boardwalk next to the sourdough kiosk. And two being shopping. The first would like very much to squish him like gum under their black leather boots, the second was just plain boring. However it made Alice and her mother happy. He had a feeling it was a female thing. If there were such things as 'female things' there at least.

So he wasn't paying much attention as they weaved in and out of stall after stall after stall of vendors. Every once in a while Alice would stop and look at something, but it seemed like ages since they had left the apartment. And his feet were beginning to protest. Running around the whole of Wonderland was one thing, the sidewalks there were paved with grass about half the time. Here the stupid little men in blue uniforms yelled at you to keep off the grass. Since when could a city own grass? Cities didn't have brains last he checked...or pocket books.

They wandered down towards the waterfront and Hatter couldn't help but winkle his nose at the smell of fish. It was the one downside to the waterfront. But a sea breeze quickly washed that all away, along with his hat, sending it rolling down the street. With a quick glance at Alice who was bent over a vendor's table admiring something, he chased after it, cursing as people nearly stepped on it, kicked it and generally didn't realize it was there. Finally his hat stopped next to where they were doing some sewer work and had a man hole uncovered. Leaning back against the railing that had been set up around it he smoothed down his hair and put his hat back on.

The next moment he felt himself falling however. The only thing his brain could supply him with was that someone must have bumped the other side of the railing. Before he'd completely fallen, he spotted Alice running down the street with a panicked look in her eyes.

"Alice!?" He called, as he began to feel dizzy. This particular man hole must have been very deep because after about five minutes, Hatter was sure he was still falling, although, slowly. He reached out and tried to touch one of the walls, but his fingers could only find air. Hatter kept falling, thinking that Alice's world was becoming more and more like Wonderland when a bright light appeared below him. As he looked down branches reached up to grab him and his eyes widened. He caught the first branch as he past it, but it snapped under his weight and he fell, bouncing off the lower branches he came to an abrupt stop as he reached the ground.

He groaned in pain before passing out for sometime. When he woke up it was to someone tugging on his hair. He shook his head and tried to sit up but found that he couldn't. Looking around he saw that he'd been tied down, the tiny ropes all staked down with tiny stakes. On his chest sat his hat, along with the most bizarre little yellow fox like creature he'd ever seen. The little fox was using his hat like a chair and smirked back at him.

"I've captured you, partner, now, you know what I'm gonna do with you?"

"...uh, no, but you better let me go."

"NO! If I'm tied down by a tamer I'll never be able to realize my dream as an evil mastermind! Hahahahahaha!!!"

"No offense, but you're already failing pretty badly by my count..."

Sample Journal Entry:

[Acciental Audio]

Let me go you vile obtrusive excuse for a giant!!!

Oh, stop yer yammering you melodramatic imp!

IMP? IMP!? HOW DARE YOU CALL ME AN IMP!? I am nothing of the sort!

Really? Let me express my apologies then.

[muffled yelps and screams]

There, now, how do you like your shiney new restraints?

[more muffled yelling]

Heh, good. Now how 'bout you tell me what I want ta know then?
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'ello, I saw your ad and I'm looking for a job.

~ Hatter
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We need help...violet haired broad and I are injured. She's drugged with something, not a fucking clue what...I don't think I can walk.

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